A wide range of diagnostic instruments is available and are selected to suit specific needs

  • Self awareness and insight are a vital aspect of personal growth
  • Feedback on the way our beliefs, behaviors and emotions impact our relationships and performance is a rare gift 

Key diagnostic tools include:

EQi – Emotional Intelligence (Self and 360 Feedback)

The EQi assesses our ability to manage our feelings, emotions and relationships and is based on four fundamental capabilities:

  •  Self awareness; Social Awareness; Self Management; Social Skills (Goleman)

Integrity and Values Profile

Based on research into leadership and integrity, the Integrity and Values Profile measures integrity as a combination of the following traits:

  • Truthfulness; Accountability; Responsibility; Loyalty; Self Awareness

SI – Spiritual Intelligence Questionnaires   (Individuals,teams, divisions or organisations)

A leading edge and unique set of tools


  • Spiritual Intelligence Individual Questionnaire assesses knowledge and understanding of spiritual values and their application in the individual’s life
  • Spiritual Intelligence Organisational Questionnaire assesses the application of these values as demonstrated by specific cultural attributes in the organisational culture

Leaders gain a deeper understanding of the impact of values and behaviors on organisational culture, the impact on engagement and performance and a practical guide to which areas to address

Corporate Transformation Tools (CTT)

Cultural Values Assessment (Richard Barratt) to map values for teams or whole organisations to gain insight into the impact of values on performance and morale

  • Top personal values
  • Current culture values
  • Desired culture values

Leaders get a clear picture of where the greatest need for change is in the culture

Further diagnostic tools available: 
MBTI, Life Styles Inventory (LSI), Group Styles Inventory (GSI), Team Management Index (TMI),  Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ), Firo B