Building Capability

We work with people to optimise the potential of the people and the organisation

Organisational Review –  Identifying Critical Issues

  • Working in partnership with clients through consultation – conversations, interviews, focus groups
  • Developing focused surveys, undertaking relevant research, bench marking
  • Review and analysis – identifying key priorities, risks and opportunities,  and action plans
  • Implementation planning  – engaging leaders and teams to achieve an  integrated approach to “make the rubber  hit the road”

Organizational Redesign 

  • Using a consultative process  and clear design principles to enable a more efficient and effective organisation – at team, division or whole organisation level
  • Engage people in the process, building commitment to the new organisation on the way

Capability – Workforce Planning

  • Engage with the group to develop frameworks to drive high performance through people
  • Develop strategies for areas such as:
    • Developing a Knowledge Sharing culture
    • Workforce Planning
    • Succession Management
    • Performance Management