As skilled process facilitators we ensure highly effective group dialogue.  We are able to provide the following advantages:

  • Promote genuine inquiry and reflection and encourage open dialogue
  • Awareness and presence of mind to recognise the mental models at play
  • Pick up on subtle disagreements and use these as an opportunity to move forward
  • Able to contain emerging chaos and stuck positions
  • Create a space for the ground between  views, exploring assumptions
  • Able to engage each participant in the conversation
  • Able to bring the group’s energy and creativity to the fore to plan the next steps

We design and facilitate workshops in the areas of:

  • Strategic dialogue, issue identification, blue sky thinking, creative solutions
  • Clarification of strengths and ways to leverage opportunities
  • Strategy and goals that underpin organisational change and improved performance
  • Development  of organisational vision, purpose and values
  • Discovery of  the desired culture and planning the steps to move to there
  • Team development, team planning
  • Planning sessions
  • Custom designed workshops and forums