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‘You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.’

about us

Anchor Consulting works with clients to support organisational effectiveness, with particular focus on building capability, high performing teams and culture transformation and enabling leaders to deliver great organisational outcomes.

We create collaborative environments and act as a catalyst to enable clients to identify the issues and challenges and drive the changes they need resulting in increased clarity and performance

We provide effective and sustainable solutions in the following areas:

  • Facilitation of effective strategic thinking and planning, multi perspective analysis
  • Leadership and team development
  • Coaching (individual and group)
  • Building high performing teams
  • Culture transformation strategies
  • Organisational review and analysis, organisational redesign, development and change
  • Develop strategic and tactical solutions to support the Human Resources Strategic Plan
  • Counselling support in challenging times – grief and trauma

Author of a book entitled Grief: A Catalyst for Growth (soon to be published)